6 Safety Tips for First-Time Travelers

Traveling to Europe is a great idea, especially if you are a woman and want to explore this part of the world on your own. Europe has almost everything, which facilitates the idea of female solo travel. It allows visitors to explore its beautiful cities, enjoy mouthwatering cuisines, and witness dreamy landscapes.

Since the number of young and inexperienced travelers is increasing, it is more essential to enhance the knowledge about travel safety. It will ensure that you travel safely to your destination and come back home with sweet memories.

Given below are some of the most recommended travel safety tips for first-time travelers.

Don’t Act Like a Tourist

While moving from one place to another, pretend to know everything about the place where are going. For this purpose, use Google maps or another app only when needed. While you keep on starring on your phone, you will get the attention of scammers looking for tourists. It will be better to plug in headphone and hear the voice guide.

Stay Healthy

While traveling, you can’t afford to get sick. Especially, first-time travelers should be cautious about their health. This is so, as being less experienced they will find it difficult to face any health issue. Even the slightest injury can turn into a nightmare if left unattended. So don’t take your health matters lightly and get medical aid without wasting a moment.

Make Good Use of Safety Apps

In the past, the biggest fear about Solo travel was the feeling that you are out there on your own in a strange city or place. The faces around you are unfamiliar and there is no one to guide you in a true sense. However, thanks to safety apps, things have changed a lot. Now your friends and family can stay in contact with you or be aware of your exact location.

Some of the must-have safety apps include Uber, bSafe and Drunk Mode. Uber is the best option if public transportation seems to be confusing and less safe. bSafe is another app, which allows you to send an SOS message if you are feeling unsafe. If you are unable to receive a call, the app will send your exact location to the person calling you.

Apart from this, Drunk Mode is a perfect app to assist you when you are drunk. However, make sure to turn it on before having your drinks. It helps you to locate your hotel or the place where you have been staying.

Know Where Your Country’s Embassy is

The consulate or embassy of your country can help you in numerous ways in a foreign country. So it is essential to save the contact information and location of your embassy on your phone as well as on paper. This would come handy in an emergency or unpleasant situation.

Stay Alert when Visiting a Bar

It’s not like that you should altogether avoid visiting bars while enjoying your trip abroad. However, being a first-time traveler, you should be cautious while having a couple of drinks. This is so, as by advertising that you are new in town, you can turn yourself into a vulnerable target for the scammers.

Bring the Least Number of Electronics with You

Keeping your electronics to a minimum number can be helpful in many ways. First, with fewer gadgets in hand, you can manage to secure them properly. On the contrary, moving around with a bunch of electronics and their accessories may turn you into a target for the snatchers. In fact, when your Smartphone can capture amazing photos, there is no need to carry a bulky DSLR camera.

Why Bangkok Is The Most Visited City In 2018

Bangkok holds the title of being the most visited city in 2018. In fact, Bangkok, London and other top tourist destinations have one thing in common; they know how to capture the visitors. Bangkok has invested a lot in everything from restaurants, hotels, and recreational spots.

Besides, there are some other reasons, which make Bangkok as the most visited city in the world. Some of them are explained below.

Tourism is an Industry in Thailand

This is one of the most essential factors, which render Bangkok as the most visited city in 2018. The Thai government has planned much of its infrastructure to facilitate the tourists. There are shopping malls, hotels, transport facilities, and recreational spots to meet the needs of the visitors. The city is clean and tidy, offering its best in every possible aspect.

Bangkok is Affordable

Bangkok is much cheaper than most of the other popular travel destinations. Since it is a developing country, the prices of major commodities are relatively low. It offers visitors to explore its spicy foods, traditions, and historic architecture within a limited budget. It also offers an incredibly cheap way to get comfort and care for the body. In the US, you find massage and chiropractor treatments expensive. Not in Bangkok. You can get an hour massage for literally pennies on the dollar. So, make sure you set aside some time and a couple scheckles to treat your body to some rub-down heaven.

Suitable Climate

Most of the western tourists visit Thailand to experience its clear sunshine, amazing weather, and serene beach. Summer is the only season in Thailand, this is the reason tourists from cold areas prefer visiting this city. When it’s too hot in Bangkok, it generally rains, as this city is situated along the sea. Hence, the weather is mostly pleasant and bearable even when it’s really hot.

Vibrant Nightlife

The nightlife in Bangkok is vibrant and offers all sorts of entertainment. You can visit its clubs, bars or discos and enjoy most of the happenings throughout the night. The English language is accepted at almost every club or bar. In addition, the price of alcohol and drinks is also cheap. So, Bangkok’s nightlife offers everything to make your trip a memorable one.

Bangkok Offers Best Holiday Trips

Aside from the loud and festive environment, you can still enjoy and relax while staying in Bangkok. It is a suitable option if you want to spend some quality time when visiting a tourist destination. Moreover, Thai culture is interesting too. People are friendly and cooperative. In short, a luxurious and relaxed holiday is always guaranteed in Bangkok, that too in a least expensive way.

Best for Long Term Stay

Bangkok is an ideal place to stay on a long- term basis. Apart from being cheap, living in this city is simply hassle-free. Especially, for those, who are not comfortable at new places and among strange people.

Thai people are friendly and welcome the tourist form the core of their hearts. This behavior is the most important cause of increased tourism in Bangkok. Visitors feel more happy and relaxed while living in this city.

Relatively Safe

Although Bangkok has its own issues, they keep their problems with them. Meaning thereby, the tourists are kept away from the internal matters. People are always smiling and welcome the tourist in a friendly manner. The Thai nationals are humble and polite showing a sense of respect. This is why visitors feel more secure while roaming around even in the busiest areas of Bangkok. …

A New and Popular Travel Destination – The Middle East

Once called the Middle East, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and Israel have become mainstream travel objections. Visited without anyone else or in blend, most voyagers return fulfilled and astonished by their movement experience. For some, they have been on a genuinely momentous occasion with a distinction. So for what reason is this so? To most intelligent respond to this, we have to discover somewhat more about these nations and how to go to and inside them.

*How to arrive

Most voyagers drop via air. The public capitals of Damascus, Amman, Beirut and Tel Aviv all have worldwide air terminals that are overhauled by a scope of global and Middle Eastern transporters. Both transport and private vehicle travel is conceivable between the majority of the nations. For the most part these are by means of various single intersection focuses like Syria-Lebanon and Syria-Jordan (at Derá on the new expressway that interfaces the two nations). Land courses exist to circumscribing nations. Land travel into/from Israel is more confined. The most well-known purpose of passage is through the King Hussein (Allenby) Bridge from Jordan. Syria has a to some degree dated rail organization. A few administrations just run week by week yet those on the well known focal courses work a few administrations every day.

*How to get around

Prepares, transports and taxi’s structure the highlight of Middle Eastern travel administrations. Vehicle recruit with a guide is given by numerous neighborhood vacationer administrators. They by and large are financially savvy and worth considering. Use Google to discover them and consistently request (and check) references. Most will require half of the booking expense wired to them before they will affirm the appointments. Various worldwide organizations including the overland organizations offer visits. Again check with Google. Various colleges offer summer archeological burrows. A large number of these are expense based and no experience is required.

*When to go

The Middle East appreciates a Mediterranean atmosphere however the summers are sweltering and the winters cold, particularly in the north. Walk to May is the best an ideal opportunity to visit. The individuals who need to absorb the sun will locate the beach front regions mid summer agreeable as temperatures are regularly impacted by cooler seaside breezes. The territory experiences winter precipitation that can make touring troublesome and snow covers the mountains among Lebanon and Syria mid winter.

*The Countries

Syria – Syria is present day, simple to go in and moderately protected. It’s reasonable on the off chance that you avoid the more costly five star global inns. It has a horde of charms with great food, amazing view, huge amounts of spots of noteworthy intrigue and neighborly individuals. English is commonly spoken in many lodgings and markets in the significant focuses. Damascus is the significant fascination with its magnificent business sectors and notable mosques and castles. The Umayyad Mosque and the close by sepulcher of Saladin (one of the best saints of Arab’s set of experiences), are a “absolute necessity”. Plan two or three days to appreciate Damascus. Consider at remaining in one of the revamped boutique lodgings that have jumped up in the previous ten years. A considerable lot of these are old castles in the Old City and are certainly justified regardless of the little additional expense. Do set aside the effort to drive out to Palmyra for the site of the city that worked to match Rome. Homs with its water wheels in headed for Apamea. This has a road of two kilometers of rock segments. Both merit visiting and are important for at least 20 significant archeological locales that can be visited by vacationers. Meandering around remnants of fortifications, mosques, holy places and royal residences gives a magnificent understanding into what life resembled 2,000 years prior. Circling back towards Damascus is the most celebrated of the Crusader mansions, Krak des Chevaliers. It is amazingly unblemished and it will be appreciated by mansion lovers.

Jordan – Jordan has a tremendous determination of captivating history to offer the vacationers. It is saturated with the historical backdrop of the Old Testament. The old urban areas of Petra and Jerash go back to Roman occasions when they were extraordinary exchanging urban communities along the Silk Road. Jerash is the “Pompeii of the East” and needs a little foundation perusing to completely welcome the memorable setting of the site. Take as much time as is needed to investigate it; you are strolling through hundreds of years of history. Despite the fact that Amman is the generally present day capital of Jordan, you’ll locate the satellite city of Salt with its limited roads and interesting houses merits the visit. Jordan has an entrancing history of specialty, Bedouin weaving, weaving, earthenware and pottery, adornments and glassblowing. These specialties are still a lot of part of Jordanian life today. The Bedouin neighborliness and awesome nearby food is amazing.

Driving south from Amman you’ll discover the now spreading town of Petra. To stroll down the half mile long suq, you will be astonished by the magnificence of the pink stone Treasury at the passage of the old city of Petra. It will blow your mind. Find out about Johann Ludwig Burckhardt, who found Petra in 1812, preceding you go. His is surely an astonishing story. South of Petra is the now current port of Aqaba put on the map by Lawrence of Arabia. West of here you’ll discover Wadi Rum where the film of Lawrence’s war-time abuses was made. Here, an alternative is to remain with the Bedouins in their material secured dark tents. They are amazingly agreeable. Take a camel brave to the mystery camp where Lawrence arranged his desert crusades. You may restore a little seat sore yet you will have truly “ridden” in the strides of history.

Lebanon – Lebanon is a moderately little nation. The features are by and large along the coast. Here is the beautiful beach front town of Byblos and further north is the antiquated Crusader city of Tripoli with it’s fascinating souqs (markets), mosques and hammams (showers). Turning inland, you will go through the beautiful towns of the Qadisha Valley, through the Cedars and on to notable Baalbeck which has great Roman remains said by some to be the best safeguarded on the planet, The course proceeds through the grape plantations at Bekaa and afterward Umayyad vestiges of Aanjar. Close by is the beguiling town of Deiral-Qamar and the Beiteddine castle with its superb nurseries.

Israel – Don’t overlook Israel as a potential travel objective. Access troubles can be overwhelmed via cautious arranging or with the assistance of an accomplished travel administrator. It’s the Holy Land and saturated with history. Most guests head for Jerusalem, Bethlehem and Jericho yet there bunches of little realize archeological locales like the old Roman capital of Galilee called Tzipori. In Jerusalem, the old City of David, The Citadel and Church of the Holy Sepulcher with the close by Wailing Wall, draws the most sightseers. What is accepted to be the most seasoned church on the planet is in Bethlehem. A silver star denotes where it is accepted that Christ was conceived.

A few sightseers decide to visit the Dead Sea. It is off Highway 90 west of Jerusalem. By and by, albeit special, I imagine that it is misrepresented. Those with additional time should think about visiting Qumran where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found. Further a field you’ll discover Masada with its marvelous destroyed stronghold.

Take care in Israel shooting or indicating enthusiasm for fringe and army bases or staff. You’ll get utilized the extremely evident security presence.


Every one of these nations have distinctive visa prerequisites. By and large Israel doesn’t need a visa for most western nations. Vacationers are permitted a stay of as long as 90 days. Nonetheless, it is important to abstain from getting your visa stepped upon section or exit as this causes issues of passage into Lebanon and Syria. Request that the outskirt authorities stamp your entrance license. Better actually, set Israel last on your agenda. Jordanian visas can be acquired upon landing in the air terminal and at most outskirt intersections. It is ideal to get Syrian visas ahead of time. USA, most EU, Australian, Canadian and New Zealand identification holders can get a visa to enter Lebanon at the fringe. Jordan permits passage/exit to Israel by means of the King Hussein (Allenby) Bridge without a multi-section visa.


The nations of the Middle East are alluring and energizing travel objections. The individuals that you’ll meet are well disposed and if your leave governmental issues aside, you’ll have a truly charming travel insight. Center eastern cooking is a feature and in all nations you’ll locate an astonishing exhibit of ease neighborhood cafés. Attempt the neighborhood lagers and wines and not many of the particular beverages like Arak (Lion’s milk) which is normally presented with mezze. Converse with your travel planner or look at movement locales on Google. You are ensured to have an occasion of lifetime.

The creator …

Top of the Line Swedish Tourist Attractions

Just like other Nordic countries, Sweden also offers rich cultural and spectacular scenic views for its visitors. Sweden is a peaceful and progressive country having a strong relationship with its history. There are numerous landmarks including incredible museums and centuries-old architecture. Tourist attractions are in abundance but most of the visitors prefer to start their tour with Stockholm.

Stockholm is the capital and largest city of Sweden. There is no shortage of attractions in Sweden, but this city grabs most of the attention. Besides, the capital, you can pay a visit to some of the best spots in the country. Some of the top attractions include national parks, historical buildings and loads of breathtaking places that are worth to visit.

Are Ski Resort

This majestic Ski Resort welcomes its visitors in the Jämtland region. This place holds a reputation as one of the top-rated destination for winter sports and sightseeing. There are no less than 100 slopes and over 40 ski lifts. For best ski experience, you can choose your preferred ski area from three available choices including, the High Zone, Björnen, and Duved-Tegefjäll. Nevertheless, Björnen is the best spot for hanging out with friends and families.

Liseberg Theme Park in Gothenburg

Liseberg Park is so popular among tourist that over three million visitors come here every year. There is a wide range of attractions, especially for children. The fairy-tale castle, carousels and exciting rides are some of the highlights of this place. You can also enjoy live concerts during summer, which is most anticipated by local and foreign tourists. Christmas brings special events, where Liseberg Park turns into a busy market.

Sarek National Park

Sarek National Park is among the oldest national parks. It is located in Jokkmokk and serves as a viable option for mountaineers and hikers. This is so, as this area has six of the major mountains in Sweden. In addition, this park covers a huge area with more than 100 glaciers and 200 peaks. Its serene natural habitat and beautiful landscape make it one of the most desired destinations in the world.

Uppsala Domkyrka

The city of Uppsala is home to some amazing and worth seeing architecture. The Domkyrka is one of them, which holds a dominating place among other structures. It is the largest cathedral church in whole Scandinavia. It dates back to the 13th century, but the overall structure is still in an immaculate condition. Especially, the three gothic spires steal the attention of its visitor.

Vasa Museum

The Vasamuseet or commonly known as Vasa Museum is must visit attraction in Djurgården, Sweden. Apart from other exciting historical places, the Vasa Museum truly takes the breath away. This preserved museum takes its visitors back in the 17th century. The major highlight of this place is the presence of Vasa, the biggest warships of that era. After pulling it out of seas in 1961, this ship received complete restoration.

Kalmar Castle

Since established in the early 11th century, Kalmar is known as some of the oldest cities of Sweden. The Kalmar Castle dates back to 1160, but it still stands with its remarkable grandeur. You can enjoy the scenic beauty of a spectacular waterfront while standing on the castle. Apart from its amazing views, Kalmar Castle gives an insight into the historical elements of Sweden. This was the place where Norway, Denmark, and Sweden joined forces during 14th century.…

Ecuador As a Gay Travel Destination

Albeit little, Ecuador offers a huge swath of variety with regards to topography and different indigenous individuals with remarkable dialects and societies. From tropical coastlines to volcanoes that go through a significant part of the year shrouded in day off, is home to shifting scenes that make any season an extraordinary time for energizing gay experience travel.

While the Galapagos Islands are maybe the most often visited fascination in Ecuador, the territory is additionally loaded up with various exercises and touring openings that guarantee gay visits to Ecuador will be energizing, satisfying and critical. Regardless of whether you look for an outside experience, a profound excursion or gay travel that comprises of investigating the LGBT people group in Quito, journeying across the rainforest and spending apathetic evenings on the sea shore, you will without a doubt observe why endless explorers re-visitation of this mainstream vacationer location a seemingly endless amount of time after year.

Quito is the fundamental city where you will discover a LGBT people group, especially in the bohemian neighborhood of La Mariscal. This is the place the Quito Pride festivity is held every June and is home to the different network nightspots, cafs and agreeable foundations that Quito has on offer. Concerning nightlife, La Mariscal is the spot to party on Friday and Saturday evenings, but at the same time is a superb evening home base anytime.

Beside La Mariscal, this city that sits at 9,200 feet above ocean level, yet still lower than the close by Pichincha spring of gushing lava that ascents to 13,000 feet, has a lot to bring to the table, incorporating roads fixed with bistros, craftsmanship exhibitions and shops, and an architecturally significant area that is an UNESCO World Heritage Site. Neighborhood attractions incorporate the Capilla del Hombre Guayasamin, the Museo de la Ciudad, the Centro de Arte Contemporaneo and the numerous slows down of handiworks in the Parque el Ejido.

Rights and insurances in Ecuador have extended over the previous decade, considering gay travel objections that are more agreeable and more secure. Simultaneously, there is as yet a demeanor of machismo penetrating the way of life, which implies tact in most open spots is as yet a smart thought. One approach to evade issues and all the more completely make the most of your journey to Ecuador is to plan to take an interest in gay visits while leaving on gay get-aways to this various nation.

This will permit you to zero in on making the most of your Ecuador trip, while experts deal with the coordinations of the excursion and ensure you don’t pass up the most tempting regular, social and notable attractions.

Howie Holben is the proprietor of Spirit Journeys, a gay experience travel association that centers around profound travel. Soul Journeys has offered special gay otherworldliness visits and withdraws since 1992. Howie has ventured to the far corners of the planet for more than thirty years learning otherworldly lessons, customs and practices from indigenous people groups. He takes incredible delight helping others on their own otherworldly way and in acquainting them with rehearses, sacrosanct ways and societies to enable them “to venture outside their crate”. He is a Reiki/Karuna Ki Master and furthermore a Quantum Touch and Breathwork Practioner. He will probably help other people reveal their potential by liberating their hearts and brains.

Wine Trails – Discover Three Under the Radar US Wine Travel Destinations

At the point when a great many people consider U.S. wine creation, objections like Napa Valley, Washington, and Oregon ring a bell. Furthermore, it’s no big surprise, since they are largely productive wine delivering regions. However, here are three under the radar wine travel objections you may not think about…

Wine Trails In The U.S.

In the course of the most recent couple of years, the quantity of wine trails in the United States has developed significantly. In fact characterized, a wine trail is a bunch of wineries in a sensibly explicit topographical region that unite as one for advertising and the travel industry purposes.

Numerous states formally assign the path, in this way making them qualified for limited time cash from state the travel industry workplaces. It has demonstrated to be acceptable business, especially since eco the travel industry is ascending in ubiquity. Wine trail assignment additionally permits singular wineries all the more value for their showcasing money. It’s useful for wine voyagers as well, as they can find an exceptional wine developing zone in a day or two.

Presently, there are well more than 100 wine trails in America. The number is relied upon to develop by half in the following five years, as more states perceive the estimation of advancing wine travel as a financial driver.

Here are three remarkable wine travel objections that have flown under the radar up to now…

Pennsylvania: Pennsylvania has been an innovator in assigning wine trails and promoting their wine industry to sightseers. A snappy look of the state’s principle travel handout gives sufficient proof to wine travel being a monetary advantage.

There are eleven wine trails here, extending from Philadelphia toward the western edge of the state. Curiously, each is an unmistakably extraordinary miniature atmosphere. Practically all the wineries utilize neighborhood grapes, so you will see an alternate character in the wines from region to region.

Nebraska: The Cornhusker State is in the last phases of assigning their wine trails, following the lead of neighboring Iowa. Nebraska has a shockingly dynamic wine culture, especially in the eastern bit of the state.

A few stream valleys in eastern Nebraska establish the ideal grape developing climate, and region vintners exploit. You will locate a wide exhibit of wine styles from Nebraska wineries, including complex reds, light and drinkable whites, and remarkable organic product wines produced using new nearby apples, pears, and then some.

New Mexico

Those living in or near New Mexico are very much aware of the dynamic wine industry in the state. The public notoriety presently can’t seem to show itself, however it might well occur soon.

There are more than 40 wineries in the state, and four unmistakable wine trails. Regardless of where you travel in New Mexico, you won’t be in excess of a half day drive from one of the four path. The path are partitioned topographically, incorporating the northern, focal, and southern aspect of the state.


Pennsylvania, Nebraska, and New Mexico are three of numerous states with lesser known yet exceptionally dynamic wine ventures. Each state effectively showcases their path, which assists with publicizing the individual wineries, however the general business.

Hope to see extra wine trails assigned in more states soon. With the regularly expanding prevalence of eco the travel industry, state the travel industry sheets are grasping the positive effect wine explorers have on their state’s economy.

TOP 5 Kuching Travel Destination That You Cannot Miss

Kuching is the most famous occasion city in East Malaysia and Borneo Island, alongside Kota Kinabalu. There are a ton of mainstream areas that you can make a visit in Kuching. Recorded beneath are 5 Main Kuching travel places.

Sarawak Cultural Village

Sarawak Cultural Village is the No1 traveler objective that you can’t stand to overlook. It is an honor winning “live gallery” where it recruits genuine individuals from 7 Sarawak principle races gatherings to live in there. Consequently vacationers are prepared to see the ways of life, expressions, games, garments, food of 7 unique societies in a single spot. Vacationers will likewise be treated with a 45 minutes of customary move and music toward the finish of the visit.

Sarawak Museum

Sarawak Museum is considered as a concentrate of the whole of Sarawak, because of the way that it stores and shows the most enormous assortment of antiques of the indigenous individuals of Borneo in it’s’ 2 structures. The first one has a Normandy apartment style while the new structure has real impersonation of the life in the ancient of Niah Caves. With such wealth of assortments of Borneo, Sarawak Museum has gained gigantic notoriety from around the globe. Your Kuching travel excursion will never be awesome on the off chance that you don’t visit Sarawak Museum.

Annah Rais Bidayuh Longhouse

This is a genuine legitimate Bidayuh longhouse inside 1 and half hours drive from Kuching. The longhouse is kept in its unique state, so as the neighborhood individuals staying here who are doing cultivating and are practicing customary way of life, despite the fact that bunches of guests go to the town ordinary. On the off chance that you need to encounter their way of life without anyone else, you can select to stay with one of the local resident here.

Semenggoh OrangUtan Rehabilitation Center

Orang Utan is a close to terminated animal that is very much ensured in Sarawak which must be found in Sarawak Malaysia. In this restoration place, Orang Utans are not kept in enclosure and they are wandering unreservedly in the wildernesses. You may go into the wilderness to chase for them and take a gander at their conduct straightforwardly on the off chance that you are sufficiently courageous. On the other hand you likewise can find them during the eating time at 9am and 3pm consistently.

Bako National Park

Bako public park allows you to appreciate the perfection of the nature and to watch the untamed life in detail. You can have close connection with the imperiled types of Probosics Monkey or have a little wilderness traveling at the ways you can discover here. You will see different intriguing greenery just as wonderful cascades and sea shores while in the journeying.

Kuching will be an energizing objective to make the most of your vacation. Notwithstanding shocked by the numerous alluring Kuching travel objections here, you will likewise be astounded by the warm inviting of the city’s quite neighborly individuals as well.

7 Things One Can Learn through Solo Traveling

Although traveling with your friends and family is a fun-loaded affair, solo traveling also offers its special perks. While traveling alone, you can concentrate more on what you are witnessing and absorb the feel of a particular place without any distraction.

Traveling Solo can help you to learn new things and gain experience. Given below are some of the things that you can learn while traveling on your own.

Making New Friends is Easy

When you are traveling alone, it is much easier to make friends. The reason for this is that you are free to go anywhere and stay there without any limitations. In fact, solo travelers have their own schedule to follow and they can take a lunch or share some drinks with anyone. Both you are your friend can interact with each other in a comfortable atmosphere, where there is no one to disturb you.

Solo Travelers Can Learn to Face their Fears

Since you are all alone in a strange country, you have to figure out everything by yourself. This gives you the confidence to face the challenges and overcome your fear. At first, you may find it difficult to talk to strangers, but you get used to it later on. No matter how big or small the fear is, once conquered, you will get an idea that how capable you are.

Staying Alone for a While is Good for You

This is another thing, which you may learn while traveling solo. When you are all alone, you enjoy and relax. There is no need to be cautious about the needs and expectations of other people. Hence, you feel less stressed out, as you have no specific plans to follow.

Solo Traveling Empowers You

When traveling solo, you are responsible for your acts and omissions. It helps you to take prudent decisions without any advice or assistance. Hence, you feel empowered while handling different situations.

Moreover, you can’t rely on others for helping you out for small tasks. Soon, you would find some undiscovered qualities in your physical and mental approach. When you carve your own strategies, you will feel more confident and strong as never before. In fact, solo traveling is the best way to master the art of self-sufficiency.

You Learn Your Likes and Dislikes

When you have the freedom to try different things, you learn about the things that you like and dislike. You don’t need to worry about what others will think or what type of embarrassment you may face. Rather, Solo Traveling allows you to give your own and unbiased opinion about a thing or place.

A chance to Meet Locals Personally

While traveling with groups, you may not get an opportunity to meet locals on a personal level. Locals may also hesitate to disturb you when you are having a conversation with your group members. On the contrary, being a solo traveler, you are free to talk to anyone and find people having similar interests like yours.

You Can Be Yourself

When there is no one to follow, you can live life as you like. Solo travelers are free to express their persona. If you love adventures, you can explore wilderness or try hiking on unfamiliar terrains. You can wear what you like or eat the way you love. In addition, you can just sit and relax at the beach rather than following the active lifestyle of your companions.…

How You Can Make your Visit to Athens a Safe One?

Athens is home to a wide array of archeological treasures such as Parthenon, Acropolis, and the Hadrian’s Arch. This capital city of Greece has no shortage of antiquities and historical monuments. Most of these structures were constructed during 5th century B.C.

Apart from this, Athens has something more to offer. Its superb Mediterranean climate, modern architecture, and other heartwarming tourist attractions make it the best place to visit at any time of the year.

However, visitors planning to book a trip to Athens do bear a question in mind, “Is Athens safe?” The perception of Athens as being unsafe isn’t false altogether, but there is a strong element of exaggeration.

Athens isn’t a dangerous city, as crime statistics reveal the fact that this city is quite safe for travelers. On the contrary, it is referred to as safer than other tourist destinations, including Florida, Tampa, and Dublin.

Nevertheless, in order to make their trip to Athens as the safest one, travelers must consider a few essential factors. Meaning thereby, a visitor must know which place to visit and which one to avoid.

Places you Should Avoid

When talking about places to avoid in Athens, you should think twice when planning to visit Omonia, Kolokotroni, Vathi, and Exarcheia Squares. These areas have witnessed high crime rates and it is better to avoid them especially during the night.

Some other places to avoid include Monastiraki and areas close to Peloponissos and Larissa railway stations. Moreover, nightclubs located at Glyfada Square have been found associated with organized crime.

Travelers must also be aware of the various scams linked with these areas. Most common of them is the friendly invitation to visit a bar and enjoy a drink at a discounted price. On the contrary, the tourists are charged heavily for the beverage. The scammers even treat them with violence if they refuse to pay.

Safe Places to Visit

After disclosing some dangerous areas in Athens, let’s talk about the most pleasant and safest places to visit in Athens. The northern part of Athens is the best place to hang out even in the night. Kolonaki, for instance, is home to top restaurants, boutiques, and art galleries.

Metaxourgio was once an impoverished area, but after being gentrified, it now serves as a popular tourist attraction. There is much to explore, that too in a safe and secure environment. For instance, Psirri and Plaka are popular for amazing cafes, Greek culture, and friendly people.

Tips for a Safe Trip to Athens

Although Athens may not be the safest place to visit, this doesn’t suggest that it’s a ‘No Go’ area. You can explore its most desired attraction by taking a few precautionary measures. Here are the things that you should consider while making a safe trip to Athens.

  • Just stay away from those areas of Athens, which are associated with criminal and notorious acts
  • Be aware of the pickpockets and thieves. Theft and snatching are the frequent crimes against tourists. Stay vigilant when visiting crowded places or traveling via public transportation.
  • Although prostitution is legal in Athens, most of the prostitutes work without taking medical precautions. Hence, it would be better to avoid areas where prostitution is widespread.

Safety Tips for Women Travellers

It’s not a big deal for a woman to travel alone, yet she needs to prepare for everything. Despite the fact that the country you are visiting is a developed one, certain precautionary measures should be taken to make your journey much safer.

So, what does it mean to prioritize your safety while traveling? This relates to a few steps that you must consider while going abroad for a trip. Here are some of the tips that you are bound to follow if going on a trip alone.

Know the place Where You Are Heading Towards

Planning and research is an integral part of any travel trip. Hence, a woman should also follow this pattern before flying towards the desired destination. The best practice is to research the place, know about the cultural norms and safety conditions. Find out about the best neighborhoods that you can stay in safely. Moreover, look for the transport and medical facilities where you will be staying.

Safety of your Valuables

Apart from your own safety, it is also essential to be concerned about the security of your valuables. At first, you should take with you only the essentials. Meaning thereby, avoid carrying expensive jewelry or ornaments. For those things like Smartphone and other gadgets, make sure to keep them with you in the safest manner. Avoid using your phone or digital camera without any need to do so. This will lower the vulnerability level of snatching or theft of these expensive devices.

When Leaving your Hotel Room

This is important to decide what type of luggage or belongings you are taking with you while going out for sightseeing. Try to bring only the necessary items at this moment. It is also necessary to secure the remaining luggage in the hotel. Make sure to use sturdy locks to secure them.

Avoid Trusting others Too Quickly

While traveling towards an unknown place, be attentive and don’t allow someone to be frank with you. Although making new friends is an essential part of a travel trip, yet you must be careful. Try to analyze the body language of a person and get an idea of what exactly he/she is after. By following this tip, you can save your valuables and yourself from any unpleasant situation. The most essential thing in this manner is to stay connected with your friends and family. Try to update them with almost everything happening at your side.

Don’t over Drink

Having some drinks in a night is ok, but going all out isn’t a good idea. You should keep in mind that you are in a new place and surrounded by strangers. Moreover, if someone offers you some additional drinks, refuse the offer politely.

Blending is Essential

Respecting the cultural norms of a place that you are going to visit, should be on your priority list. Hence, try to blend yourself as much as you can to avoid getting any extra attention. This will also allow you to stay away from the pickpockets, looking especially for travelers. In addition, don’t try to show off your money or your assets in public.…