Why Bangkok Is The Most Visited City In 2018

Bangkok holds the title of being the most visited city in 2018. In fact, Bangkok, London and other top tourist destinations have one thing in common; they know how to capture the visitors. Bangkok has invested a lot in everything from restaurants, hotels, and recreational spots.

Besides, there are some other reasons, which make Bangkok as the most visited city in the world. Some of them are explained below.

Tourism is an Industry in Thailand

This is one of the most essential factors, which render Bangkok as the most visited city in 2018. The Thai government has planned much of its infrastructure to facilitate the tourists. There are shopping malls, hotels, transport facilities, and recreational spots to meet the needs of the visitors. The city is clean and tidy, offering its best in every possible aspect.

Bangkok is Affordable

Bangkok is much cheaper than most of the other popular travel destinations. Since it is a developing country, the prices of major commodities are relatively low. It offers visitors to explore its spicy foods, traditions, and historic architecture within a limited budget. It also offers an incredibly cheap way to get comfort and care for the body. In the US, you find massage and chiropractor treatments expensive. Not in Bangkok. You can get an hour massage for literally pennies on the dollar. So, make sure you set aside some time and a couple scheckles to treat your body to some rub-down heaven.

Suitable Climate

Most of the western tourists visit Thailand to experience its clear sunshine, amazing weather, and serene beach. Summer is the only season in Thailand, this is the reason tourists from cold areas prefer visiting this city. When it’s too hot in Bangkok, it generally rains, as this city is situated along the sea. Hence, the weather is mostly pleasant and bearable even when it’s really hot.

Vibrant Nightlife

The nightlife in Bangkok is vibrant and offers all sorts of entertainment. You can visit its clubs, bars or discos and enjoy most of the happenings throughout the night. The English language is accepted at almost every club or bar. In addition, the price of alcohol and drinks is also cheap. So, Bangkok’s nightlife offers everything to make your trip a memorable one.

Bangkok Offers Best Holiday Trips

Aside from the loud and festive environment, you can still enjoy and relax while staying in Bangkok. It is a suitable option if you want to spend some quality time when visiting a tourist destination. Moreover, Thai culture is interesting too. People are friendly and cooperative. In short, a luxurious and relaxed holiday is always guaranteed in Bangkok, that too in a least expensive way.

Best for Long Term Stay

Bangkok is an ideal place to stay on a long- term basis. Apart from being cheap, living in this city is simply hassle-free. Especially, for those, who are not comfortable at new places and among strange people.

Thai people are friendly and welcome the tourist form the core of their hearts. This behavior is the most important cause of increased tourism in Bangkok. Visitors feel more happy and relaxed while living in this city.

Relatively Safe

Although Bangkok has its own issues, they keep their problems with them. Meaning thereby, the tourists are kept away from the internal matters. People are always smiling and welcome the tourist in a friendly manner. The Thai nationals are humble and polite showing a sense of respect. This is why visitors feel more secure while roaming around even in the busiest areas of Bangkok. …

Safety Tips for Women Travellers

It’s not a big deal for a woman to travel alone, yet she needs to prepare for everything. Despite the fact that the country you are visiting is a developed one, certain precautionary measures should be taken to make your journey much safer.

So, what does it mean to prioritize your safety while traveling? This relates to a few steps that you must consider while going abroad for a trip. Here are some of the tips that you are bound to follow if going on a trip alone.

Know the place Where You Are Heading Towards

Planning and research is an integral part of any travel trip. Hence, a woman should also follow this pattern before flying towards the desired destination. The best practice is to research the place, know about the cultural norms and safety conditions. Find out about the best neighborhoods that you can stay in safely. Moreover, look for the transport and medical facilities where you will be staying.

Safety of your Valuables

Apart from your own safety, it is also essential to be concerned about the security of your valuables. At first, you should take with you only the essentials. Meaning thereby, avoid carrying expensive jewelry or ornaments. For those things like Smartphone and other gadgets, make sure to keep them with you in the safest manner. Avoid using your phone or digital camera without any need to do so. This will lower the vulnerability level of snatching or theft of these expensive devices.

When Leaving your Hotel Room

This is important to decide what type of luggage or belongings you are taking with you while going out for sightseeing. Try to bring only the necessary items at this moment. It is also necessary to secure the remaining luggage in the hotel. Make sure to use sturdy locks to secure them.

Avoid Trusting others Too Quickly

While traveling towards an unknown place, be attentive and don’t allow someone to be frank with you. Although making new friends is an essential part of a travel trip, yet you must be careful. Try to analyze the body language of a person and get an idea of what exactly he/she is after. By following this tip, you can save your valuables and yourself from any unpleasant situation. The most essential thing in this manner is to stay connected with your friends and family. Try to update them with almost everything happening at your side.

Don’t over Drink

Having some drinks in a night is ok, but going all out isn’t a good idea. You should keep in mind that you are in a new place and surrounded by strangers. Moreover, if someone offers you some additional drinks, refuse the offer politely.

Blending is Essential

Respecting the cultural norms of a place that you are going to visit, should be on your priority list. Hence, try to blend yourself as much as you can to avoid getting any extra attention. This will also allow you to stay away from the pickpockets, looking especially for travelers. In addition, don’t try to show off your money or your assets in public.…

Travel Tips To Make Your Travel Safe

If you think that you have panned your holiday trip, consider revising some of the essential aspects of your trip. Why? Because most of us don’t consider the safety elements while planning our holidays. To give you an idea, here are the best travel safety tips that you can’t afford to miss.

Do Some Homework

This is the first and most essential part of any travel plan. Before actually visiting your desired destination, make sure to get some basic information about that place. This includes the political and social condition of that country or area. Think about the cultural values of the people and analyze whether you can feel comfortable while spending your holidays.

Keep in Mind the Safety of your Belongings

While roaming around in the city or at tourist attractions, don’t take excessive luggage with you.  This will give you the freedom to enjoy the serene views and cultural activity of a city without any issue. Keep most of your luggage at the hotel and secure it with an independent and sturdy lock.

Avoid Flashing your Money

Another great travel trip for your safety is that you should not flash or show off your wealth. People may judge you from the outfit, expensive watch or even through your gestures. In addition, be aware of the thugs and pickpockets.

Stay Informed and Plan Ahead

To avoid any hassle at the airport, make sure to check your flight timing before leaving your hotel. Just sitting at the airport with nothing to do—May spoil the overall essence of your trip. So, book your tickets in advance and through reliable resources.

Try to Blend in with the Surroundings

Blending yourself with the surrounding environment and culture is a great travel tip. This ensures that the locals cannot spot you immediately if you dress like them. It will make you less vulnerable to any criminal activity such as theft.

Stay updated with Emergency Info

Be prepared for any unpleasant event, whether it be the natural calamity or a security threat. Save the numbers of emergency services in your Smartphone and that of your country’s embassy.

Think about Travel Insurance

Travel insurance can serve you in case of any unexpected event. It will not only provide a cover against injuries and hospital trips, but you can also get the benefit of covering your personal belongings in case of theft.

Learn Basic Communication Skills

You must learn some of the phrases or sentences in the local language. For instance; “I need help”, “It’s an emergency”, or “Where is the Hospital”.

Inform your Bank

Notify your bank that you are going abroad and may use the debit or credit at different locations. This will rule out any chance of debit card blockage by your bank. In addition, do some research regarding the best currency exchange facilities available at your travel destination.

Keep Yourself Healthy

Heath is wealth, so in order to keep yourself in a good physical condition, keep necessary supplies of routine medicine with you. This may include pain killers, probiotics, and insect repellents.…