6 Safety Tips for First-Time Travelers

Traveling to Europe is a great idea, especially if you are a woman and want to explore this part of the world on your own. Europe has almost everything, which facilitates the idea of female solo travel. It allows visitors to explore its beautiful cities, enjoy mouthwatering cuisines, and witness dreamy landscapes.

Since the number of young and inexperienced travelers is increasing, it is more essential to enhance the knowledge about travel safety. It will ensure that you travel safely to your destination and come back home with sweet memories.

Given below are some of the most recommended travel safety tips for first-time travelers.

Don’t Act Like a Tourist

While moving from one place to another, pretend to know everything about the place where are going. For this purpose, use Google maps or another app only when needed. While you keep on starring on your phone, you will get the attention of scammers looking for tourists. It will be better to plug in headphone and hear the voice guide.

Stay Healthy

While traveling, you can’t afford to get sick. Especially, first-time travelers should be cautious about their health. This is so, as being less experienced they will find it difficult to face any health issue. Even the slightest injury can turn into a nightmare if left unattended. So don’t take your health matters lightly and get medical aid without wasting a moment.

Make Good Use of Safety Apps

In the past, the biggest fear about Solo travel was the feeling that you are out there on your own in a strange city or place. The faces around you are unfamiliar and there is no one to guide you in a true sense. However, thanks to safety apps, things have changed a lot. Now your friends and family can stay in contact with you or be aware of your exact location.

Some of the must-have safety apps include Uber, bSafe and Drunk Mode. Uber is the best option if public transportation seems to be confusing and less safe. bSafe is another app, which allows you to send an SOS message if you are feeling unsafe. If you are unable to receive a call, the app will send your exact location to the person calling you.

Apart from this, Drunk Mode is a perfect app to assist you when you are drunk. However, make sure to turn it on before having your drinks. It helps you to locate your hotel or the place where you have been staying.

Know Where Your Country’s Embassy is

The consulate or embassy of your country can help you in numerous ways in a foreign country. So it is essential to save the contact information and location of your embassy on your phone as well as on paper. This would come handy in an emergency or unpleasant situation.

Stay Alert when Visiting a Bar

It’s not like that you should altogether avoid visiting bars while enjoying your trip abroad. However, being a first-time traveler, you should be cautious while having a couple of drinks. This is so, as by advertising that you are new in town, you can turn yourself into a vulnerable target for the scammers.

Bring the Least Number of Electronics with You

Keeping your electronics to a minimum number can be helpful in many ways. First, with fewer gadgets in hand, you can manage to secure them properly. On the contrary, moving around with a bunch of electronics and their accessories may turn you into a target for the snatchers. In fact, when your Smartphone can capture amazing photos, there is no need to carry a bulky DSLR camera.