Experience Tranquil Blissful Panama

The country of Panama is situated between Costa Rica to the west and Colombia to the east. Panama travel offers a magnificent experience due to its thick forests, stifling landscape and breathtaking sandy beaches. The modern capital of Panama, Panama City, is enhanced with social shopping centers and restaurants. Ranked among the safest cities in the world, Panama gives one the freedom to discover and take pleasure in the amenities it offers.

Visit the Panama Canal

The Panama Canal lengthens to the Atlantic Ocean from the Pacific Ocean. The Canal is dubbed the “eighth wonder of the world” and the best of the tourist attractions, the Panama Canal is a must-see destination and should be on top of your list. Many cruises are also offered and presented which features a trip down the canal. It provides fascinating historical and interactive displays of life on and at the canal. Find out why it has been said to be one of the greatest engineering achievements of humankind.

Holidays at its Parks

A quarter of Panama’s land is stanched to its national parks. The country is also known for its ecological riches and rainforests. The Metropolitan Park is among the top toured destinations in Panama. In these national parks, the type and mixture of flora and fauna are simply amazing. You can also select a guided tour to learn all about this native flora and fauna.

Learn its culture

In tours that range from short day trips to extended stays, the ancient wonders of these cultures can be explored and studied. Tour San Blas Archipelago. This place is located near the border of Columbia. This archipelago addresses the native Kuna people. It is a sovereign province maintained by Kuna tribes. Travelers may also observe and study native cultures, including those of the Embera and Ngobe traditions and cultures that have survived centuries with few changes and transformations.

Beautiful Boquete, Panama

Tour the Romero Supermercado behind the central park to get an idea of local grocery prices and selection. Next, it’s time to take a driving tour of the region. There are three main loops to look at, all of which eventually bring you back into town. The first, Volcancito starts at the large visitor center at the top of the hill before heading into the valley, skirts the base of the volcano, and brings you back into town via El Salto Road. The next loop bear right at the fork at the top of the town. Pass the Panamonte Inn, ride up to the Palo Alto coffee-growing field and then back into central Boquete. The Mi Jardin gardens are right before you re-enter town not to be missed. The final loop takes you across the bridge at the fairgrounds, near the central park again, up into the Jaramillo area, and then back into civilization passing the Los Establos Inn toward your final destination.

Identified as the crossroads of the world because of its role and its natural man-made wonders, Panama is sure to fascinate, educate and satisfy its tourists and travelers.