How You Can Make your Visit to Athens a Safe One?

Athens is home to a wide array of archeological treasures such as Parthenon, Acropolis, and the Hadrian’s Arch. This capital city of Greece has no shortage of antiquities and historical monuments. Most of these structures were constructed during 5th century B.C.

Apart from this, Athens has something more to offer. Its superb Mediterranean climate, modern architecture, and other heartwarming tourist attractions make it the best place to visit at any time of the year.

However, visitors planning to book a trip to Athens do bear a question in mind, “Is Athens safe?” The perception of Athens as being unsafe isn’t false altogether, but there is a strong element of exaggeration.

Athens isn’t a dangerous city, as crime statistics reveal the fact that this city is quite safe for travelers. On the contrary, it is referred to as safer than other tourist destinations, including Florida, Tampa, and Dublin.

Nevertheless, in order to make their trip to Athens as the safest one, travelers must consider a few essential factors. Meaning thereby, a visitor must know which place to visit and which one to avoid.

Places you Should Avoid

When talking about places to avoid in Athens, you should think twice when planning to visit Omonia, Kolokotroni, Vathi, and Exarcheia Squares. These areas have witnessed high crime rates and it is better to avoid them especially during the night.

Some other places to avoid include Monastiraki and areas close to Peloponissos and Larissa railway stations. Moreover, nightclubs located at Glyfada Square have been found associated with organized crime.

Travelers must also be aware of the various scams linked with these areas. Most common of them is the friendly invitation to visit a bar and enjoy a drink at a discounted price. On the contrary, the tourists are charged heavily for the beverage. The scammers even treat them with violence if they refuse to pay.

Safe Places to Visit

After disclosing some dangerous areas in Athens, let’s talk about the most pleasant and safest places to visit in Athens. The northern part of Athens is the best place to hang out even in the night. Kolonaki, for instance, is home to top restaurants, boutiques, and art galleries.

Metaxourgio was once an impoverished area, but after being gentrified, it now serves as a popular tourist attraction. There is much to explore, that too in a safe and secure environment. For instance, Psirri and Plaka are popular for amazing cafes, Greek culture, and friendly people.

Tips for a Safe Trip to Athens

Although Athens may not be the safest place to visit, this doesn’t suggest that it’s a ‘No Go’ area. You can explore its most desired attraction by taking a few precautionary measures. Here are the things that you should consider while making a safe trip to Athens.

  • Just stay away from those areas of Athens, which are associated with criminal and notorious acts
  • Be aware of the pickpockets and thieves. Theft and snatching are the frequent crimes against tourists. Stay vigilant when visiting crowded places or traveling via public transportation.
  • Although prostitution is legal in Athens, most of the prostitutes work without taking medical precautions. Hence, it would be better to avoid areas where prostitution is widespread.