Travel Destinations in World for Safe Travel

If you love to travel around the globe and explore different travel destinations, but safety is your ultimate priority, you have landed on the right page. This article will provide you with necessary information about some of the safest places on earth.

The Global Peace Index for 2018 revealed some of the safest countries in the world. The research conducted by the Institute for Economics and Peace further explained that the world is 0.27 percent less peaceful than the previous year. However, there are still counties like Iceland, which have been at the top for the past decade as the safest places.

Listed below are some of these safe heavens for tourists and visitors from around the world.


This Nordic nation has earned an overall score of 1.096 in terms of security index. In fact, this country has been on the top for a decade and the major reasons for getting a higher rank include a minimum number of people in jail, less homicide and terror acts. Since it is an island, there are no border disputes to cause a security threat to the tourists.


Apart from being ranked as one of the happiest countries, Denmark scored 1.353 in terms of safety index. Although there is a minor conflict between Canada and Denmark over a small and uninhabited island, this part of land continues to be the safest places on the earth. You can enjoy the summer on the northern coast of Denmark or absorb the beauty of this country during winter.


Singapore has come from a long way from its 27th spot among the list of safest countries in 2017. In 2018, this country manages to secure a position in the top ten. The overall safety index score was 1.382, which is much better than its previous ratings. The island has shown less trouble in the past year with reference to international or domestic conflicts.

The societal safety element has played its role while considering this country as a safe place to visit.  This means that tourists can stroll through the streets of Singapore without any fear of security threat. With friendly and cooperative people around you, exploring the best parts of your travel destination is more fun.  


Ireland has obtained an overall score of 1.393, allowing it to grab a position among the list of top ten safest countries in 2018. The study showed that the Republic of Ireland has improved a lot and proved to be more peaceful than it was in the previous year.

The basic factors, which helped Ireland to become one of the safest countries is its enhanced political stability and lowest political terror. This country also played its role while funding in the U.N. peacekeeping mission.


Just like any other Nordic country, Norway also secures its place among the top ten safest places around the world. The peaceful and tranquil atmosphere gives a warm welcome to the visitors.

It has all the elements that can attract the attention of the tourists and live up to their expectations. However, the only thing that you should consider is its weather. Hence, make sure to look for an appropriate and suitable time of the year to visit this place.